1. georgiapeach-xo:

    I’m not fucking lying. I swear to god that’s what he said to me when he walked up to the bar. It was the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard, and believe me baby, I’ve heard them all.


    Please tell me you fucked with his head just a little.

    Ugh, guys can be so ridiculous at times. They can be so lazy when it comes to things. especially my attention. You do not get rewarded for just effort, you have to be creative.


  2. What !? That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. 


  3. georgiapeach-xo:

    I need to get seriously fucked up tonight. Tuesday night or not.


    You should let me join you.
  4. brienna-williams:

    Stop, that’s just embarrassing
  5. cole-mace:

    How hard is it to return a simple phone call? I’ve teen trying all day to get a hold of this guy. He shouldn’t test me. I’m not above knocking on his front door.

    Do you not understand that people just might not want to talk to you? Honestly?!
  6. michaplease:

    "I’ll just be a minute…"

    What are you making?
  7. niko-eckel:

    I’m one hundred percent now, if you cared to know. How are you, Mina?


    I didn’t say I cared,  I was just wondering. 

    I’m peachy, can’t you tell?

  8. yesalltheships:

    Antonia Thomas and Ian somerhalder

  9. niko-eckel:

    Does the answer to that particularly interest you or are you only wondering because questions are easy to ask?


    Questions are easy to ask. 

    The last time we spoke you kind of upset also, I was just wondering. I’m not even sure you remember that.